Does my Horse Need Ice Boots?

Ice Boots are an important addition to any horse owners tack room. Not only are they helpful in reducing inflammation and pain should an injury occur but they are also designed to cool down horses’ legs after exercise to prevent any future injuries.

During strenuous exercise, important structures and soft tissue in your horse’s legs can get strained and hot. Ice boots, cold-water boots or wraps as well as therapy boots have all been designed to cool them down easily and efficiently. Here at LaNoir Saddleworld, we have a variety of products available depending on your requirements and budget.

FinnTack Cooling Ice Wraps

Easily our most popular set is the Finntack Cooling Ice Wraps, at only $99.95 a pair, these are great value. Four elastic Velcro straps ensure an optimum fit and keep the wraps securely in place. The stitched grid design of individual gel pockets mold to the horses legs giving a rapid cooling effect upon contact. This wrap can also be purchased individually as a therapy boot for $59.00.

Water Cooled Boots

If you are at a competition, you might not have access to ice or a freezer so you may want to consider water-cooled boots. Keep in mind they are generally found to be slightly less effective than boots which have been frozen.  The LeMieux ProCool Cold Water Boots are adeptly tagged as Soak & Go! They are simple and easy to use to cool down legs after exercise such as XC work or treating an injury. Once soaked in water, unique water reactive crystals within boots swell & retain a cold temperature. The contoured shape prevents slipping by supporting the fetlock & tendon. At $99.95 they are a good alternative to ice boots when in restricted situations.

Cold Circulation Boots

For those of us that are really concerned and prioritise the condition of our horse’s legs, you can’t go past the Ice-Vibe Cold Circulation Boots, an ice boot and therapy boot in one. These boots are designed to help maintain and promote healthy joints, tendons and ligaments by tackling 3 key issues.

  • Reducing Soreness and Swelling
  • Helping to Boost Circulation
  • Stimulating Healing

The key to their effectiveness is the improvement in circulation in the lower leg whilst cooling at the same time. These boots can still be used with the cold packs alone if you choose but the best results come when used in conjunction with the vibration massage. The vibrations bring in oxygen and nutrients to encourage cells and tissue to repair from exertion or injury whilst circulation and lymphatic drainage flushes out  inflammation, swelling and bruising. These boots are ‘two in one’ and retail for $359.99.

The benefits of icing horses legs post injury or as a preventative therapy are widely acknowledged. Fortunately, there are many different brands and styles to suit all riders and budgets.

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