LeMieux products are our favourites. LaNoir Saddleworld has the largest range in stock in Australia. We can also source anything you like quickly, as we order 3 times a week from Horse Health.
LeMieux has the finest equestrian products in the UK and also the most professional ordering and logistics system. Their mission is to provide the fastest and most customer focused service along with top quality brands.
They definitely fulfil this mission. LaNoir Saddleworld are able to order 3 times a week and every order goes like clockwork. This puts them a level above most other brands in helping us to give our clients reliable and speedy deliveries of their orders.
Horse Health has very strict quality control on the manufacture of their products. The down side is that as only a limited amount of manufacturers are trusted to make their products, sometimes products can be out of stock for a while. This does mean amazing consistent quality, but also that sometimes supply cannot meet demand and you may have to wait for us to get your product in stock. However the up side is – you always know that when you order an item it will be perfect!
LeMieux are also constantly bringing out new stock ranges and products from their innovative design team. Which is awesome for us because it means we have new and exciting arrivals on our website all of the time. Product ranges include luggage, saddle pads, ear bonnets, boots, breeches and equestrian clothing

We and our customers love LeMieux!