Bridles for all disciplines including, show, dressage and show jumping. PS Of Sweden, BR Equestrian Equipment, Eurohunter and Academy.

LaNoir Saddleworld have snaffle, Weymounth or double, pony and anatomical bridles. Some brands include both the head piece and reins when purchasing the bridle, other brands sell the head piece and reins separately, allowing you to choose your favourite style of reins.

Brands such as BR Equestrian and PS of Sweden also allow you to purchase the cheek pieces, browbands and nose bands separately so you can get the perfect fit. This is beneficial if you know your horse is cob size in the cheek pieces but a full size in the browband. See How to Measure your Bridle.

This also means you can buy the type of noseband that best suits your horse, including drop, hanoverian (flash), cavesson (crank or plain) and grackle (figure 8). Now there are even more varieties of nosebands in the new anatomical ranges including the PS of Sweden High Jump and Michelin bridles.

LaNoir Saddleworld has a range of all types of bridles, nosebands and reins to suit your horse. We also stock hackamores and bitless bridles.

We love bridles, which is why we source the most innovative and beautiful brands available in their price category and have so much choice.

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