Dressage Saddles

Dressage saddles have straight flaps and a deep seat. This allows the rider to stay in balance and keep their legs long and in touch with the horse. The deeper seat allows the rider to make the most of their weight aids to help in collecting the horse.

The correct position for dressage riding is to keep the legs almost straight from the hip down. This puts the riders point of balance a few inches behind the pommel of the saddle. To aid with this the stirrup bars are positioned in a way to help keep the riders legs further back then in a jump saddle.

The girth points are longer as well so the girth does up below the flaps of the saddle.This also aids in helping the rider to keep their legs closer to the horse.

Modern dressage saddles are constantly improving the subtle way weight aids can be used by the rider. Most come with a choice of different block sizes and flap lengths.

If you are wanting to completely customise your dressage saddle for yourself and your horse, LaNoir Saddleworld can recommend the Ideal range of saddles. Our saddlefitters Jess Tanner and Leigh White are very experienced with this brand of saddle.  https://www.lanoirsaddleworld.com.au/brand/ideal-saddles/

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