Team LaNoir – Sponsored Riders

Ileena Neilson

Discipline: Dressage

Age: 18

Located: Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Horses: Sir Darcy, Everlong Park Daiquiri & Everlong Park Firedance

Greatest Achievement: Winning Elementary U25 at the Victorian State Dressage Festival

What is your favourite Saddleworld Product, and why?: “I love the LeMieux range (especially saddle pads), they’re perfectly breathable, come in a huge range of colours and have a great shape and fit.”

Tell us your favourite training tip: Ride the horse from the back to the front! Ride the impulsion up to the front of the horse from the hind legs

What are your goals for 2021?: I would love to aim for CDI-Y by the end of 2021. Also just making sure that my scores are consistent through the levels and that I have a team of happy and healthy horses

Instagram: @in.dressage

Ellie Gough

Discipline: Showjumping & Eventing

Age: 14

Located: Perth

Horses: Bellhaven Cascade (Cassie), Bellhaven Cardentice (Bob) and DonJamee (Jimmy)

Greatest Achievement:Being the youngest competitor at the most prestigious event in Western Australia, Equestrian In The Park. Not only was I lucky enough to have two horses competing, I finished double clear for 2nd place with Jimmy. The competition is held at 1.05m and filled with both showjumping and x-country jumps.

What is your favourite Saddleworld Product, and why?: One of my many favourite products at the LaNoir store are the Lemieux products, this includes the saddle pads and flyveils, the tendon boots and even the clothing for myself as a rider! The lemieux products stocked I use on the daily! The products i use the most however are my saddles of course! They fit perfectly to my horses and make sure my horses are feeling there best!

Tell us your favourite training tip:I love using polework in all of my rides as I believe it helps build muscle up throughout the horses back especially when they start to soften and lower themselves over the poles! This also helps with the horses picking up their hocks!

What type of saddle do you ride in?: For showjumping I ride in Prestige saddles including the X-Breath and the X-Meredith which were both purchased from LaNoir Saddleworld! While as for dressage I love to ride in my PDS saddle! I love all of my saddles individually as they all help stabilise my riding position in their own way.

What are your goals for 2021?: I would love to continue to compete my team of horses successfully. While I hope to continue to event 1* with Jimmy and Bob I would love to possibly moving up to 2*. While I continue to event, showjumping will always be my passion therefore i would love to move up to the 1.25m/young rider levels with Jimmy and successfully bring on my young horse Cassie and carefully move her up the heights to hopefully be going around 1.15/1.20m courses by the end of the year.


Tyla Schou

Discipline: Dressage

Age: 20

Located: Perth

Horses: Dennis DeNiro

Greatest Achievement: 2020 Advanced State Champion 2020 Prix St George State Champion 2020 Highest Scoring Young Rider Achieving the state gold medals at every level up to and including Advanced

What is your favourite Saddleworld Product, and why?:Well apart from everything! I absolutely love the range of breeches, competition and casual. As I train horses full time, I require a large wardrobe of breeches. I love that LaNoir Saddleworld stocks a variety of brands to suit many occasions. For me I go through my breeches very quickly from so much wear and tear on them. I love the black horse ones as they are super comfy, whilst very flattering. Most importantly they last really well!

Tell us your favourite training tip:Correct training is the key to your success. To be able to reach goals and perform at your best you have to be able to work with your horse. I like to think of asking my horse rather than telling him. The biggest most important thing I would say is, cross train your horse. For physical and mental fitness your horse must get out of the arena and do different work. There is no way any horse can become fit enough from just riding in the arena.

What type of saddle do you ride in?: I ride in the Ideal Styletta from Lanoir Saddleworld. I have had drama after drama trying to find a saddle that Dennis likes. The ideal is the only saddle he feels himself in and continues to feel good in. I love this saddle for it is comfortable for me and Dennis is able to perform to the best of his ability in it.

What are your goals for 2021?:This year I plan to compete Small Tour. I hope to be competing small tour for states and beginning our training for Grand Prix. Depending on COVID, I would love to travel over east and have a go at the nationals.


Layla Williams

Discipline: Dressage

Age: 21

Located: Canberra (Canberra Performance Horses)

Horses: Ampersand, Hollands Bend Felipo & HP Jazzpoire

Greatest Achievement: Being able to take home a rug at last year’s ‘Dressage by the Sea’ was very exciting, however I would have to say that my greatest achievement to date has been making it to FEI on ‘Ampersand.’ He was such a talented horse (albeit tricky!) and there were many occasions where I contemplated what to do with him. One year later, we are within striking distance of Grand Prix and he is a totally different horse, an absolute pleasure. We truly are a partnership now and I love him unconditionally.

What is your favourite Saddleworld Product, and why?: Although it is hard to choose, my favourite Saddleworld Product would have to be my Ice Vibe boots! I use this product every day before and after work. I love using them as a warm up (as my horses are stabled) and I find that it does a great job of removing any filling from standing. After work, I use them with the ice pack to remove any heat from the legs. I love the fact that I can do my chores and they will automatically turn off when the treatment is done.

Tell us your favourite training tip: TRANSITIONS! I use all sorts of transitions for a variety of purposes at different stages of training. I love trot canter and canter trot transitions in my warm up. It is surprising how many Grand Prix horses cannot do this simple (yet tricky to do well exercise!) I also love playing with transitions within the pace, for example riding a working trot back to a ‘not trot’ and then back into a working trot, medium canter to collected canter on the diagonal. I love that I can play with transitions on greener horses through to Grand Prix horses.

What type of saddle do you ride in?:I ride all of my horses in the Prestige X Helen K. I love that the monoflap design allows me to be as close to the horse as possible and puts me in a position that I am able to apply my aids discretely, which is particuarly helpful when riding my sensitive FEI horse. I find that the saddle fits a variety of different horses and frankly, I cannot ride in anything else!

What are your goals for 2021?: I am aiming to ride my Ampere gelding in his first Medium Tour start in August in preparation for our Grand Prix debut in 2022 in the CDI U25. As well as this, I look forward to starting my Franklin gelding under saddle. Most importantly, I am remembering to enjoy the journey and chip away at my goals with this in mind!

Instagram: @audressage

Sarah Price

Discipline: Dressage & Adult Riding Events

Age: 49

Located: Perth

Horses: Bruno

Greatest Achievement:Being a trainer at WA Police Mounted Section

What is your favourite Saddleworld Product, and why?: PS of Sweden breeches and pads, De Niro riding boots.

Tell us your favourite training tip: We all have bad days

What type of saddle do you ride in?: PDS Grande Dressage

What are your goals for 2021?: Move on to Novice comps, which was last years aim but COVID squashed that. We did compete Novice at the ARCA Dressage Challenge which was his first and came 3rd.

Instagram: @pricey000

Tara Harding

Discipline: Eventing & Showjumping

Age: 17

Located: Perth

Horses: Decomaster (Dec) (Owned by Cassy Choules)

Greatest Achievement: Winning Junior Champion in the Grand Prix class at Equestrian In The Park 2019, as well as winning the Des Robinson Trophy for 2020 and event junior rider of 2020

What is your favourite Saddleworld Product, and why?: Hard decision, but I’d have to go with the rugs!! I can’t choose my favourite one, but they are all such amazing quality and fit so well!!

Tell us your favourite training tip: Believe in yourself. It sounds cheesy, but this is something that I struggle with. When you believe that you can do something the chances of you actually doing it are so much greater. You can do all of the training that you want, but if you don’t have the confidence in yourself to do it, then it’s going to be a major struggle.

What are your goals for 2021?: I would love to get to EITP again. I would also like to jump around some bigger tracks in Show jumping, and win a few more events

Instagram: @th.eventing_

Natalie Hibbert

Discipline: Eventing

Located: Perth

Horses: Two Chances (Wally) and Wait a While (Willow)

Greatest Achievement: My greatest achievements are representing Australia in New Zealand on the Australian Young Rider team on my horse Willie Orwonti, and having Wally go clear cross country at Adelaide 3* for the last 4 years.

What is your favourite Saddleworld Product, and why?: My favourite product from LaNoir are my DeNiro boots. I love the fit, the way they look, and how safe they feel when I go cross country and show jumping – they help me stay secure in the saddle.

Tell us your favourite training tip: Listen to your horse, they will tell you so much. When to move up, when they need a freshen up, or when they are not feeling their best. No one can tell you better.

What are your goals for 2021?: Qualify and compete 4* at Adelaide on Wally and get Willow out eventing and show him what it’s like to be a performance horse (he’s had a very cruisey up-bringing!)

Dana Krause

Discipline: Dressage

Age: 19

Located: Victoria

Horses: Taittinger (Taitti)

Greatest Achievement: Training my own horse from a 4 year old to Small Tour (and hopefully still progressing) or becoming an EA Dressage Judge.

What is your favourite Saddleworld Product, and why?: I love the Alexandra Ledermann shirts, they are stunning and super to ride in, no matter the weather.

Tell us your favourite training tip: Always be open to learn something new, and if something is going wrong go back to the basics and see if there is a miscommunication there.

What are your goals for 2021?: Keep improving!!

Instagram: @dk_dressage

Bella Robson

Discipline: Dressage

Age: 28

Located: Swan Valley, Western Australia

Horses: Azarro (9 y/o gelding), Hollands Bend Franceska (6 y/o mare), Diorella (8 y/o mare), Revelwood Showcase (5 y/o mare)

Greatest Achievement: I was truly honoured to be selected by Carl Hester to ride in his masterclass when he visited WA in 2019 with Hollands Bend Franceska. In terms of competition; I was happy with both my mares Hollands Bend Franceska and Diorella, who won 2020 WA State Dressage Elementary and WA State Dressage Medium championships respectively.

What is your favourite Saddleworld Product, and why?: I love the PS of Sweden bridles. I now have 4 horses training and competing in their various models. The anatomical fit of the bridles prevent any rub marks or pressure points occurring, which enables the horses to seek a soft and happy connection. I have a strong willed gelding who loves the pioneer drop noseband. It gives me sufficient control when he is being difficult whilst also keeping him comfortable. I also have a sensitive mare who is fussy around her ears and can get sore in the poll. The anatomical head piece allows for plenty of freedom around her ears and padded comfort to protect her poll.

Tell us your favourite training tip: Make your horse feel proud of his/her work. I believe it’s so important to give positive feedback so that our horses are motivated to work with us, feeling proud of themselves and like they are doing something well. It is important that I form a positive partnership with my horses.

What type of saddle do you ride in?: I ride in a Prestige D2 Free Dressage saddle. I love the freedom it gives the horses through their backs and trapezius, allowing them to move freely. The deep seat and new ‘OTI’ technology gives a close contact feel without being restrictive.

What are your goals for 2021?: Throughout 2021 my plans are to continue enjoying my team of beautiful horses, and to better myself as a rider and trainer. I would love to be able to travel over to the East Coast of Australia for the National Championships later in the year, subject to easing COVID border restrictions.

Instagram: @bella.robson