Thorowgood Saddle Makers

Thorowgood saddles are designed to fit different horse conformations including cob types, standard builds and high withered horses. 

Thorowgood has 30 years of saddle making expertise in Walsall, the saddle-making capital of England, NOT mass-manufactured in the Far East or India.
Our senior saddle makers are SMS approved Master Saddlers, ensuring quality craftsmanship
Materials used in Thorowgood synthetic saddles are developed and tested by our team of graduate industrial designers.
Thorowgood saddles are proven to be kind to your horse. Independent testing shows that the pressure under a Thorowgood saddle is a staggering 50% LESS than maximum permitted levels.
Thorowgood saddles are approved by The Veteran Horse Society and The Pony Club

The T8 hybrid saddle series incorporates quality leather on the seat, knee pads and trim to give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle.

The popular T4 synthetic saddle incorporates an award winning range which has  a smart leather-look with a suede effect seat and knee pad.

All Thorowgood saddles have changeable gullets and girth points, changeable stuffing and movable knee blocks, making them extremely versatile to be fitted to all horses.

Thorowgood saddles come in sizes to fit ponies, cobs and horses with high withers and are made for all disciplines including General Purpose, Dressage, Jumping and Endurance.

You are sure to find a quality saddle to suit your budget, your discipline, your horse and yourself from the Thorowgood range – what more could you want.