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For Horses

FOR HORSES is anther example of where an Italian brand combines science and art, this time for Equestrian clothing. Giovanna, a dancer and avid equestrian, learned early in her family business how to create fashionable and functional dancewear; skills that she has carried into the design of the For Horses equestrian collections. She has introduced the concepts of comfort and freedom of movement to meet the needs of the rider, while keeping a focus on the latest fashion and style trends.

The FOR HORSES collections are exclusively made in Italy, from elegant design to high-tech production, resulting in perfect pieces for those who stand out and excel.

Their breeches and competition jackets are carefully designed and tailored, using multi-stretch microfibers that are comfortable, functional, easy to care for and move beautifully with you as you ride.

FOR HORSES outerwear is made with original fabrics Poliupile®, Thermopile® and Poliuvel®, all tested to meet the specific requirements for open-air activities and harsh climates. An innovative construction of three layers provides numerous benefits and features.

When we were last at Spoga, Alinta and I were not looking for a new breeches brand. However, while walking around and seeing hundreds of equine brands Alinta and I spotted some amazing looking mannequin butts dressed in breeches. There were mannequins everywhere dressed in breeches, what was so special about these? On closer inspection we realised that they were butt lifting breeches!! Designed in such a way that the cut and fabric did wonders for the female posterior. How awesome.

We were in love and had to have them and so will you.