DeNiro Boot Company

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DeNiro Boot Company

DeNiro Boot Company is famous for Quality, Style and Innovation in the Equestrian World. They make the most beautiful custom boots and have a large range range of off the shelf boots.

It is the time spent on research, innovation and attention to detail which has allowed DeNiro Boot Co to become one of the Industries Market Leaders in boot production.

DeNiro boots are produced in their factory of Casarano, near Lecce, in the South of Italy, where they are handcrafted by skilled artisans and subject to a rigorous quality control process.

DeNiroBootCo will take care of your boots for life.

GUARANTEE -All our products are guaranteed for three months from the date of purchase. All customers must provide proof of purchase, either by invoice or receipt, to apply for assistance during the warranty period. 

At the end of the warranty period, DeNiroBootCo will continue to provide assistance for repairs.  The cost of repairs outside the warranty period will be calculated at the time we receive the boots back to our factory in Italy.

Alinta and I fell in love with DeNiro boots when we saw how many awesome options there are to customize your boots. The leather is beautiful and the “breaking in” period which can be soooo painful when getting new riding boots is way less in a pair of DeNiro Boots.