Welcome to the world of PS of Sweden. Here you’ll find an anatomical bridle for your horse. PS of Sweden were the first company in the world to offer anatomical bridles and LaNoir Saddleoworld were one of the two first retailers in the world to believe in their dream and stock their wonderful bridles. These bridles include the innovative High Jump and Jump Off.


The High Jump has been copied by many brands. Unfortunately, from our experience, none of these brands have the depth of understanding of how horses react to bridling that PS has learnt through developing their bridles. This means they are only superficial copies and are not as effective.

For over 5 years we have stocked PS of Sweden bridles and we have never looked back. During this time we have become very experienced in fitting their bridles and offering advice on which of their innovative bridles would best suit you and your horse.

There are bridles for showjumping, dressage, cross-country, and all other disciplines within horseback riding. Match your bridle with their unique reins which gives a wonderful grip, and if needed, matching 3 point and 5 point breastplates.

For those of you who wants PS from head to toe they offer saddle pads, polos, protection boots and lots of other horse items you may need. And for riders, they offer the most comfortable equestrian clothes on the market, great looking and well designed.

PS of Sweden is still the world leader in the design and production of anatomical bridles. They take European excellence to another level.