Riding Breeches, Jodphurs and Tights

Breeches, jodphurs and tights are riding pants used by riders to be more comfortable in the saddle. These pants are designed to stretch to allow for more freedom of movement and to fit snugly without rubbing. At the same time they need to be made out of a material that lasts, and breathes. To get stretch, strength and breath ability is the tricky part and why equestrian clothing brands research and develop the use of technical, modern fabrics.

Generally, the more hours you spend in the saddle, the stronger fabric you will need for longevity. This is why professional riders use breeches. Breeches are generally made of strong fabric. Breeches are also shorter then jodphurs and tights, designed to be worn over long riding boots.

Jodphurs are longer then breeches and designed to be worn over short boots.

Riding tights are made of lighter material then jodphurs and breeches and are usually pull on and very comfortable. They will not have the same durability as breeches because of the softer, lighter material.

You then have a choice of full seat or knee grip, in silicone or suede. Generally dressage riders prefer full grip seats as their seats stay in the saddle. Show jumping riders tend to prefer knee grips. Men also seem to go more for a knee grip. Silicone grips have become the most popular (with ladies), however this is a personal choice. Suede seats can give a more natural feel while in the saddle then silicone and you wont stick to your car seats! In the past silicone seats got hot and even burnt the skin, but know this happens rarely and they are fine in the dryer.

LaNoir Saddleworld have a range of breeches, jodphurs and tights to suit all disciplines, budgets and style preferences.

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