Prestige Italia

Prestige saddles are favoured for their innovative and cutting edge design techniques teamed with their beautiful traditional craftsmanship. Prestige Italia really blends the worlds of science and art when they create their visually beautiful yet extremely functional products.

Since 1974 Prestige has been laying the foundations for the success of Made in Italy products in the world of equestrian events. Product development, ongoing quality research, innovative design, attention to detail, focus on the rider and the horse and development of a marketing strategy that targets customer satisfaction, both in the past and the present, have led to Prestige Italia assuming the role of leader in its field.

One of their innovations is in their choices of leather. Traditionally quality saddlers used English leather. While the quality of this product is undisputed, Prestige wanted a leather that was softer and didn’t take as long for the rider to break in, but still had to perform. Their search for the ultimate saddle leather led them to selecting Swiss leather.

Their other innovation was in the tree. Prestige were looking for a substance that would produce elasticity without losing it’s shape over time. After extensive research they developed the first synthetic fiber tree.

Still today all of Prestige’s products are made by them in Italy. This assures our customers they are getting beautifully crafted leather ware made with pride and a commitment to quality.

Investing in a Prestige product is an investment you will not have to make again for a very long time.

Saddleworld is the Prestige Specialist!

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