PDS - Professional Dressage Solutions

PDS designed in conjunction with Carl Hester, British Olympian and World renowned trainer, the Carl Hester Collection. The PDS Carl Hester Collection is a range of saddles, bridles and girthing systems that are engineered to maximize horse and rider performance.

Carl has input through out the whole design and manufacture process. “What I’ve gained from working with PDS is a forward thinking saddle development team. For me, to find a brand whose saddle technology is coming to the fore, that I can move forward with and help train my horses to win more medals, is really fantastic.”

PDS and Carl have not just released a brand and forgotten about it. They are constantly improving and tweaking their designs to stay at the front of the market. New technologies and materials are being released all the time, making PDS one of the most dynamic saddle brands available.

Their saddles also look and feel great. They are beautifully balanced on the horse,  making it easier to move with your horse and keep your position. PDS saddles are also super comfy!

There are many styles to choose from to find the perfect match for yourself and your equine partner. LaNoir Saddleworld are proud to stock the full range of saddles and consider it their signature range of Dressage saddles.

After riding in the PDS saddles, these are our first choice.

We love them and so will you!

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