Ideal Saddles

IDEAL saddles is a market leader in the design and manufacture of fine saddles. For over thirty years they have been based in Walsall, the home of English saddlery, and their range of saddles offers unrivaled choice in quality and style for the discerning rider.

IDEA have an extensive collection of saddles, so that both horse and rider requirements can be accommodated. They also offer a ‘design to order’ service for anyone wishing to have a saddle made to their own specifications. Our saddle fitter Jess, can work with IDEAL at the manufacturing stage to provide a saddle to suit any horse and rider!

The traditionally made saddle is built on a Birchwood laminated frame, with metal strapping and fixings. In spite of modern technology, our research shows this is still the most versatile and robust foundation for producing saddles for modern day riders’ needs. It provides safety and security, whilst ensuring flexibility for the horse.

IDEAL saddles make a range of styles for each discipline. Favourites include the Ramsey, a beautifully finished show saddle and the popular Dressage styles the Jessica.

Call our store and Jess can come out so you can trial some of these great saddles.

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