The Horze brand believes riding to be a lifestyle.It is about the special relationship between horse and rider, providing products to strengthen these bonds is the driving motivation of the brand.

Horze understands that this relationship also exists outside of the boundaries ofย  competition, sport and prestige and that many people own a horse simply for the love of the animal and the joy and enrichment horses bring to their lives.

Unfortunately this joy can be tempered by the financial pressures owning a horse can place on most riders. For this reason Horze has designed a range of quality products that will last but won’t break the bank! This is quite an achievement.

LaNoir Saddleworld was looking for a brand that would fit this category – quality products for a great price – and the Finnish brand Horze fit perfectly.

Horze also produces the brands Finn Tack and B Vertigo.

Horze is so popular in Europe that it even has its own retail shops full of every known product for the horse and rider.

You know you are getting value for money when you purchase a Horze item.


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